Ernst Barlach rauchend im Garten

Ernst Barlach

Ernst Barlach (1870-1938) is one of the most important German artists of the 20th century. As a thinker, artist and human being, Barlach was not only a visionary, but also an ambassador of a deeply rooted humanistic image of man. His extensive oeuvre consists of literary writings, sculptures, drawings and plays and is characterized by a highly individual way of perceiving nature and society, the fantastic and the real, the intellectual and the spiritual at the same time. Therefore, his themes are of great, cross-temporal topicality.
War, flight, social hardship, the longing for meaning and spiritual fulfillment, these were Barlach's themes - and they are also our themes today. Fascinating are Barlach's innovative and creative power, his creativity, his compassion and his idea that we may dream and must hold on to the idea of a better world.

Our collection includes representative plastic, drawing and graphic works. With these, as well as numerous manuscripts, photographs and documents, themes such as "Ernst Barlach - Shaping a Better Future", "Ernst Barlach - Mystic of Modernity", "Barlach on Stage" or "Barlach and Goethe" can be realized just as well as large work shows, as well as a retrospective of the historical course set by the 20th century.

The subject of Ernst Barlach can be further explored via interactive and digital accompanying media. Together with a broad educational program, new target groups, young people and children can be addressed.