Bunte horizontale Linien auf dunklem Hintergrund
Minnie Pwerle, Womens Body Painting, Acryl auf Leinen, 2005, Foto: Ernst Barlach Gesellschaft

Dreamings - Australian Aboriginal Art

"Art has been and continues to be a significant component of secret knowledge and on a more metaphysical level it is the primary means of bringing ancestral events back to life, thereby maintaining continuity with our ancestors' past and communication with the world of ancestral spirits"

Howard Morphy, Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian National University, Canberra.

Australian Aboriginal art is one of the oldest art traditions in the world still practiced today. To this day, Aboriginal artists use the act of painting to formulate their "Dreamings". They mark territories, record history with their pictures and tell of the "Dreamtime", the spiritual, natural and moral order of the cosmos.

With around 80 paintings, some of them in large format, and other exhibits, the exhibition not only provides insights into the contemporary art practice of the Aborigines of the Australian continent, but also bears witness to a unique social and spiritual heritage.