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Barlach goes digital

The Ernst Barlach Museum Ratzeburg is now a place to experience the art of Ernst Barlach in an active and knowledgeable way. With our interactive online offers you get a first impression of what there is to experience live in the museum. A digital timeline invites you to explore the political, cultural, work and life-historical events. Playfully we can call up the pictures, films, documents from 150 years, which are hidden in a 5.60 meter long touch screen area. We experience the historical structures and collective memories on which our present is built. The Barlach Game designed for this purpose brings the experience of history to life and activates our awareness of time.

Start your virtual tour now

  • Virtueller Rundgang Ernst Museum Ratzeburg

Explore Barlach playfully

The new Barlach game for children of pre-school and primary school age.

You can find further interactive games and experiences for families and children's groups live in the museum here.

Bring home a Barlach figure

Here you can get two of the most popular Barlach figures at home or wherever you are. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone. The Stroller or the Singing Man appear in any size and environment. You can view them from all sides, walk around them and take a screenshot with your friends and the figure, for example. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Virtueller Rundgang

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