Kinder vor Himmel

Barlach for Kids

Understanding the world through art
An interactive children's program

Barlach for Kids is an extraordinary museum experience that encourages children to deal positively and actively with the challenges and opportunities of our time. It is aimed at ages 6 to 12 and offers children a playful laboratory in the museum. In a fictional dialogue with Ernst Barlach, they examine the world in which they live today, reflecting on and discussing their own perceptions and approaches to action. In exciting and vividly illustrated digital game sequences, the children experience how the world used to be, how it is today, and that they can shape the world of tomorrow themselves. They have the opportunity to re-enact artworks live, try out different perspectives, make up stories, and find solutions to problems big and small.

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Children have a lot to learn, and the good thing is, they want to. Children observe, investigate, experience, create, marvel and act. Every child possesses a pronounced investigative talent and the curiosity to question everything that exists in every direction. It is precisely in this point, the free and boundless questioning of reality, that children are very close to the essence of art. Art does not describe reality, but sharpens our view of and dealings with reality in diverse forms of expression. In the encounter with art, a valuable space of experience opens up for children, which motivates them and strengthens their confidence in creative and imaginative negotiation processes.

  • Startansicht Barlach Game

With Ernst Barlach we look at a period of more than 150 years of modernization and transformation of our world. He paid special attention to the question of how we humans arrange our lives in relation to nature. At the same time, his work is characterized by the vision of a better, just world, for which he was committed throughout his life. His art is more topical today than ever, borne by empathy and hope.

The whole world is in a crooked position, but the balancing must not be given up. Ernst Barlach, 1908

  • Ansicht Barlach Game
  • Ansicht Barlach Game

Mysterious Barlach figures, an augmented reality show, will leave even adults flabbergasted ...

Barlach for Kids is a program at the Ernst Barlach Museum Ratzeburg for school classes as well as for individual visits by parents with children aged 6 to 12. For a relaxed stay, 2 hours including breaks should be planned. School classes and children's groups are recommended to be accompanied by an educational specialist from the museum. The games and instructions for analog experimentation are available to the children on tablets and are self-explanatory. The children can then take their work results back with them for further reflection, discussion and follow-up.

© Illustrations Britta Kussin

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