Figur aus Bronze von Ernst Barlach
Ernst Barlach, Tod im Leben, Bronze, 1926, Foto: Bernd Boehm

16.09 - 18.11.2012

Ernst Barlach - Interventions

The exhibition gave a representative insight into the artist's wide oeuvre at seven locations

7 Ausstellungsorte in Münster

The exhibition gave a representative insight into the artist's work at seven locations.

In the Dominican Church, the artistic development from the early to the late works was shown under the guiding concept of "immanence". The foyer of the Münster District Government was the showcase for the exhibition and placed the figure of the great beggar of 1930 in the center. The Museum of Lacquer Art presented 50 drawings by the artist from all creative phases, proving how much Ernst Barlach mastered the art of linedrawing and expressed every gesture, no matter how small, with minimal effort. The Erlöserkirche showed the writer Ernst Barlach. Although equal to his pictorial work, Barlach's dramatic work is far less known.

In the Theater Münster, the public view of Barlach became visible: 50 posters and announcements from 80 years illustrate the diverse tendencies and processes of understanding that accompanied Barlach's work.