Bronzefigur mit Hut vor einem Gemälde
Ernst Barlach "Vergnügtes Einbein" Bronze, 1934

21.04 - 22.07.2018

Ernst Barlach - Alexander Dettmar Dialogues

In this exhibition, Albrechtsburg Meissen presents selected sculptures by Ernst Barlach and paintings by Alexander Dettmar.

Albrechtsburg, Meißen

In an unusual exhibition project, Albrechtsburg Meissen presents selected sculptures by the sculptor Ernst Barlach and paintings by the contemporary painter Alexander Dettmar under the title "Ernst Barlach - Alexander Dettmar - Dialogues".
In the Albrechtsburg Meissen, Dettmar's quiet city views, mostly devoid of people and reduced to a few colors, meet Ernst Barlach's strongly concentrated images of people at rest in themselves.

Both groups of works resonate so finely with each other that the viewer gets the impression that Dettmar created his cityscapes as a "stage" for Ernst Barlach's sculptures. Barlach's sculptures and Dettmar's paintings radiate a deep affinity of soul. They merge into a harmonious, powerful whole, as if the artists had known each other.

Barlach and Dettmar understand their art as a process of translation; it is in art alone that the relationship between inside and outside becomes perceptible to them. In an intensive process of perception, they grasp the environment and filter out everything superfluous and incidental. What remains is an appearance reduced to the essential.